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Custom Car Wraps and Vinyl in Upland

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Give Your Vehicle a Custom Makeover

Ready to change the paint or look of your vehicle? Xclusive Auto offers custom vinyl wraps for customers throughout southern California. We offer packages for partial and full wraps, fit to your needs.

Aside from the looks, you'll also enjoy the benefits of protection of your vehicle's paint. Vinyl wrap is a new layer of film that is professionally applied (wrapped) over your exterior. That being said, this extra added layer is thick and will protect your car from common damages such as rock chips and other smaller objects that may hit your vehicle while driving.

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Why Choose a Vinyl Wrap?

Affordable and Faster

Rather than paying an arm and a leg for a paint job, vinyl wraps allow for you to change the entire look of your car for a much better price and better turnaround times.

Wrap Individual Parts

Did you know you don't have to wrap your entire vehicle? Vinyl wraps can be applied to hoods, fenders, trunks, and other parts of your car for maximum customization.

Better Design Options

You're much more likely to find the best deal on a custom designed vehicle wrap. There are thousands of colors and design options to choose from when it comes to vinyl.

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Custom Wrapped Chevy
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Customize Your Vehicle Today

Have you always wanted to change the color of your car? Did you want to go from one tone to two? We can help you bring those ideas to life with professional car and vinyl wrap services.

  • Full car wraps
  • Partial car wraps
  • Custom wheel wraps
  • Wrap parts
  • Complete customization

Xclusive Auto has customized vehicles all throughout Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, and southern California. From celebrities to customers just wanting a new look, we're trusted by all.

Fill out the request form and we'll get right back to you to confirm your appointment for your car customization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of car vinyl wraps?

Car vinyl wraps offer several advantages, including protecting the original paint from scratches and chips, providing a customizable appearance with various colors and finishes, and allowing for easy removal without damaging the underlying paint.