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Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra Services in Upland, California

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The Layer of Quality Protection for Your Vehicle

Looking for protection that prevents fading and a wide variety of common damages? Paint Protection Film, or popularly known as "Clear Bra" is the best solution when it comes to enhanced prevention. Installed right over any surface of your vehicle's exterior, PPF also has hydrophobic effects similar to ceramic coating, but is way more efficient at preventing direct scratches, chips, etc. on your paint or clear coat.

Having PPF/Clear Bra on your vehicle protects against different chemicals and corrosion, while also providing a strong resistance against stains, UV rays, and high temperatures. The self-healing properties of the film allow for minor scratches to be easily and quickly repaired.

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Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra Services in Upland and Southern California

Paint Protection Film &
Clear Bra Features

Easy Maintenance

PPF has hydrophobic effects which means that water will slide right off your exterior, making it harder for dirt to buildup. This makes washing and maintaining the vehicle much easier.

Long Lasting Layers

Most Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra can last 10 years depending on the quality. Xclusive Auto uses the best quality film in the industry to ensure a longer lasting protection on your vehicle.

Superior Protection

Commonly installed on front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, etc., PPF (also referred to as "Clear Bra") shields your paint and clear coat from damage caused by common road elements.

SS with Paint Protection Film by Xclusive Auto
Southern California Paint Protection Film by Xclusive Auto
SRT With PPF Clear Bra by Xclusive Auto

Are You Tempted to Get Paint Protection Film / Clear Bra Installed on Your Vehicle?

This is something you should only trust a professional to do. Xclusive Auto is a well known installer in Southern California and the Upland/Rancho Cucamonga area. We have protected all kinds of vehicles with high quality film that exceeds the expectations.

Our professionals are so experienced that we frequently offer training courses on installing Paint Protection Film for those interested in becoming an expert themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of paint protection film for vehicles?

Paint protection film offers several advantages for vehicle owners, including protecting the vehicle's paintwork from scratches, chips, and other forms of damage caused by road debris, stones, insects, and environmental elements. It maintains the vehicle's aesthetic appeal and resale value by preserving the original paint finish.