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The Best Window Tinting
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Explore The Benefits of Tinting Your Windows

Enhance your looks while blocking out UV rays and reducing the amount of heat in the interior of your vehicle. Select from a variety of levels that suit your preferences and needs. Xclusive Auto uses the highest-quality window tinting film.

Window tinting has more benefits than just looks and aesthetics. In fact, there's a lot of health benefits and damage preventions you may not know about:

  • Making it Easier to See While Driving
  • Preventing Sunlight From Harming the Surfaces of Your Interior
  • Blocking Out UV Rays Known to Cause Skin Cancer and Wrinkles

The Best Window Tinting Services in Upland - Xclusive Auto

Window Tinting Makes it Easier For You to See in the Daytime While Driving

The sun is very bright and can interfere with your eyesight while driving your vehicle. Having the right window tint on your glass keeps out the sun, and makes it better for you to focus on the road.

Blocking more than 99% of harmful UV rays, our high quality brand window tints will protect you and your passengers from skin damage and result in a much more comfortable ride every time.

While you're on the road, having the right window tint drastically reduces blinding glare and painful eye strains that are caused by the sun.

Preventing Sunlight From Harming and Damaging the Surfaces of Your Interior

After we install premium window tint on your glass, you can be sure that the interior of your vehicle is much more protected from damage such as cracking and fading due to UV rays.

Leather interiors are known to crack due to being exposed to excessive sunlight. Surfaces can lose their color or shade, and show damage from fading. We have a variety of shades available at your convenience to prevent these issues.

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Window Tinting Blocks Out UV Rays Known to Cause Skin Cancer and Wrinkles

A lot of people are exposed to harmful sunlight just by driving in their car. Without window tint, there is nothing stopping them from directly hitting your skin.

Over time it's been shown to cause more wrinkles in the skin, as well as skin cancer cells in some people. This is very common on the left side of the body because of driving. Any percentage of window tint on your glass is better than nothing at all.

If you are interested in getting your windows tinted, Xclusive Auto is a professional installer in Upland, CA.

Tesla Windows Tinted Dark
Interior Protected From Windows Being Tinted
Porsche Windows Dark in Xclusive Auto Studio


If you are looking to slightly reduce the glare and sunlight in your vehicle, then this option is for you. Block out more sunlight and still have a very clear view through your glass.


At this stage, the window tint seriously begins to block sunlight from reaching interior surfaces. This leads to less fading and damaging of your interior from harmful UV rays.


This is one of the more popular options for the available shades of window tint. This is because of the amount of sunlight blocked out of the vehicle as well as making the car look good.


Although this may be under the legal limit in some states because of the darkness, you can guarantee that most sunlight will not be able to shine through your windows and harm your interior.


Commonly referred to as "limo tint", 5% is a very dark film that creates a "blacked out" look on the car for aesthetics. This also keeps out almost all light and UV rays from getting into your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of window tinting for vehicles?

Window tinting offers several advantages for vehicle owners, including protection from harmful UV rays, reducing heat and glare inside the vehicle, enhancing privacy, and safeguarding the interior against fading and cracking.