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Xclusive Auto: Your Top Choice for Car Care and Customization

Choose a well-known celebrity detailing shop to skillfully and attentively care for your vehicle here in Ontario, California. Whether it's your reliable everyday ride or a luxury vehicle saved for special moments, we offer a wide array of services customized to achieve outstanding outcomes.

At Xclusive Auto, we prioritize excellence, guaranteeing that every service we provide adheres to the highest benchmarks. As your premier destination for car detailing, we are proud to offer a comprehensive solution for all your automotive care needs:

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The Best Window Tinting Services in Ontario - Xclusive Auto

What Makes Xclusive Auto The Best in Ontario and Southern California?

Respected Automotive Hub

Renowned across Ontario and nearby regions, our reputation is built on consistently exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding outcomes.

Vehicle Care Experts

Since 2013, Xclusive Auto has been the preferred destination for a diverse range of vehicle aficionados, catering to both everyday cars and prestigious luxury vehicles.

Customer Satisfaction

Our personalized services cater to the specific needs of your vehicle, ensuring an exceptional customer experience with expert product selection, techniques, and attention to detail for superior results.

Interior Protected From Windows Being Tinted
Tesla Windows Tinted Dark
Porsche Windows Dark in Xclusive Auto Studio

Expert Window Tinting Services

Using premium tint film, we shield your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays, safeguarding both your cabin and passengers' skin.

Additionally, window tinting enhances privacy by obstructing views of your belongings, reducing the likelihood of theft.

Here are key advantages of tinting your vehicle's windows:

  • Block Out UV Rays
  • Protect Interior Surfaces
  • Protect Passengers
  • Add Privacy & Security
  • Enhance Appearance
  • Maintain Condition
  • Comfortable Driving
  • & More!

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The Best Window Tinting Services in Ontario - Xclusive Auto

Premium Ceramic Coating Services for Vehicle Protection in Ontario

Applied with expert precision to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's paint, ceramic coating acts as a robust shield. Administered by certified professionals like those at Xclusive Auto, this treatment extends its protective benefits to your interior plastics, leather, and panels. Ceramic coating offers a multitude of advantages, combating UV damage, rock chips, bird droppings, dirt accumulation, and other common threats to your car's exterior.

Beyond its strong protective qualities, ceramic coating streamlines the vehicle cleaning process. With minimized dirt accumulation, regular washing effortlessly removes debris, preserving your car's flawless appearance while acting as a shield against further damage and dirt.

  • Lasts for Years
  • Enhanced Glossy Look
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Bird Dropping Resistant
  • Easier Washes
  • Maintains Vehicle Value
  • & More!

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The Best Window Tinting Services in Ontario - Xclusive Auto

Ontario's Premier Vehicle Protection: Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Seeking a robust defense against fading and common damages? Enter Paint Protection Film, also known as "Clear Bra," the ultimate solution for advanced prevention. Applied directly onto your vehicle's exterior surfaces, PPF offers hydrophobic effects similar to ceramic coating but excels at thwarting direct scratches, chips, and other threats to your paint or clear coat.

Equipping your vehicle with PPF/Clear Bra not only shields against chemicals and corrosion but also provides strong resistance to stains, UV rays, and high temperatures. Thanks to its self-healing properties, minor scratches can be effortlessly and promptly repaired.

  • UV Resistant
  • Extended Length Protection
  • Prevents Rock Chip Damage
  • Self-Healing Properties

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The Best Window Tinting Services in Ontario - Xclusive Auto

Enhance Your Vehicle's Appearance With Custom Vinyl Wrapping

Are you looking to refresh your car's paint or completely transform its appearance? Xclusive Auto provides custom vinyl wraps tailored for clients throughout Ontario and Southern California. Our services include options for both partial and full wraps, customized to meet your specific preferences.

In addition to the aesthetic improvements, you'll also enjoy enhanced protection for your vehicle's paint. A vinyl wrap adds a new layer of film meticulously applied to your exterior. This additional thickness provides effective shielding against common damages like rock chips and other minor hazards encountered on the road.

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The Best Window Tinting Services in Ontario - Xclusive Auto

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The Best Window Tinting Services in Ontario - Xclusive Auto